The Grace of God Reaches the BriBri People in the Talamanca Mountains!

Over the past eight years, Nicaragua has been our prayer and place for missionary outreach and hope for a full-time ministry of Grace. And now with Jeff and Sally and Emiliano and Raquel, this ministry has been established here in 2014 with goals of planting churches and a Grace Ministry centered in Nagarote, Nicaragua!

Now, our new prayer and place of missionary outreach and hope for a full-time ministry of Grace is in Talamanca, Nicaragua, to the indigenous BriBri people. We have visited this area for the last three years, and we are now working with two men, Catalino and Bernardo from Amubri and Soki in Talamanca with hopes and prayers that their two families will be our new center for training of the Bribri people. In 2014, we have visited these two families every other month, presenting Bible Truths while praying that God would open hearts and show us where He desires our concentrated effort. God opened the hearts of Catalino and his wife Fidelina to see their need for a Savior. Now, our next trip to Talamanca is May 30-June 1.

These trips begin with a lot of preparation that includes bringing with us our food for the time spent with these families and providing for their needs. We travel six hours East and then South near the border of Panama to get to a river where we leave our vehicles and cross the river on large canoes or hued out tree trunks. Then it is a trek in run down trucks or vans for another 30 minutes to the area where we hike to their farmlands. It is a hot and muggy and sometimes sloppy undertaking. We sleep in open ranchos and do our cooking over wood fires and meet in circles on wood planks. Oh, but what a wonderful adventure it is!!! We love these people and want to have God’s love revealed to them. Our children love going and have gotten to know the children there. There is nothing better in this life than to serve our Lord and Savior!

Our prayer is that by 2015-16 we will have a full-time Grace Ministry and missionary family in Talamanca. Pray with us!

Chuck and Joy Befus

* See Pictures Below



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