Surprise Visitor at Church…a Rooster!

Surprise Visitor at Church…a Rooster!

Dan & Mary Sue Reed are Missionaries to Bolivia. They are the longest serving missionaries to Bolivia that are curently on the field. Their two sons now live in the States and Tasha, their third born, will be graduating High School this year and attend Grace Bible College in the Fall. Below are some prayer and praise items shared by the Reeds and below is their most recent update on their ministry. Please take the time to get to know this ministry better. Then, you will know how to better pray as well!


1. that Dan was able to preach in three of our churches in Jan & Feb.

2. for Rachel Matychuk’s ministry in our mission schools.

3. for the GMI home office staff who do so much to help our ministry.

Please pray:

1. for Lilibeth Ortega who is now in Uruguay studying theology and working at the Grace Bible Church in Uruguay.

2. for our family as we prepare to head back to the states in June for a one-year home assignment.

3. for our Bolivian pastors and their families.

4. for the five day campaign to reach kids for the Lord through the use of the Wordless Book and EvangeCube.

Dear family and friends,

A few weeks ago we were at Iglesia Renacer in San Jose, a small town outside of the city of Santa Cruz. It was so encouraging to be with these wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ. In April the church members will be holding a five day campaign to reach the neighborhood kids for Christ. They will be using the Wordless Book and the EvangeCube. We are praying with them that God will really use these five days to make an impact on these children’s lives.

You may remember in our last update we mentioned an evangelism trip taken by Pastor Lucas Guzman and 20 of his church members from Vida Abundante Church. They traveled five hours to the Guarayos region where they ministered to these precious people and shared the gospel with them. Pastor Lucas said the trip was a huge success and they hoped to go back sometime. Well, in February Pastor Lucas and a small group from his church did make that second trip. We were able to provide them with 20 Bibles to give to the new believers. Vida Abundante Church has been through some tough times, but they are choosing to reach out to others….to share the love of God not only with words but with their actions also. This church is growing and we are anxious to see how the Lord will continue to use this church in 2014 as a light in the community.

At the end of January, Rachel Matychuk arrived in Santa Cruz to join our ministry team. She is teaching English at both Henry Prince School and Vida Nueva School, and also helping out at a baby orphanage. On Thurs. evenings she is part of the leadership team for a high school age youth group. Her plan is to minister here in Bolivia for one year. Many of the Bolivians remember her parents, Pastor Mark and Kathy Matychuk who were missionaries in Bolivia for a time, and also her grandparents, Pastor Arthur and Gretchen Matychuk who were missionaries many years back. When the Bolivians hear the Matychuk name they get a big smile on their faces. One of the secretaries at Vida Nueva School commented on how wonderful it is that Rachel as the third generation is continuing on in the ministry in Bolivia that her grandparents and parents were a part of. We are really excited to have her as part of our Bolivia ministry team! On February 16th, Sarah Harvey arrived for a two-week missions trip. She helped Rachel in her different ministries, and especially enjoying her time at the baby orphanage. We really enjoyed having Sarah in our home with us, and her eagerness to experience new things was a real blessing to us! It was exciting to see how God used these two young ladies working together to minister to the Bolivians.

Just last week Dan traveled up to La Paz to work on some government paperwork. It was a quick trip, but profitable. Dan was able to present papers needed in order to then receive an official letter which Rachel Matychuk needed. With this letter in hand she was able to turn in all her required paperwork to start her one-year residency process. While in La Paz Dan had the opportunity to talk a little more in depth with one of the ladies in the government office. She talked about having a brother who lives in Portachuelo, a small town near Buena Vista where our mission camp is located. What a small world! She mentioned a mission school which teaches English, and how her brother would like to get his children enrolled there. She talked about the importance for the youth in Bolivia to learn English, and how so many more opportunities would open up for them if they know English!

Last Sunday we were at the Km 14 La Gracia Church plant. The service was such an encouragement and a bit humorous too. It is always so uplifting to see the youth taking active roles in the church. We remember these same youth as children just a few years back. They came to the Oansa Club (Awana) and are now in leadership roles in the church. What a blessing to see them serving the Lord with the gifts that He has given them. After the children and youth were dismissed for Sunday School Modesto Ramos started teaching the adults. The class was going well, he was doing a great job teaching from Eph. 1:3-14. I found myself distracted by a rooster outside the church window, but quickly made myself focus back on what Modesto was teaching. Within a few minutes the rooster was in the church, and Modesto just kept right on teaching. After a few minutes one of the leaders got up and very nicely ushered the rooster out. Before we knew it the rooster was back! This time a different leader actually picked the rooster up and carried him outside, putting him down farther away from the door. Well, I’m sure you can guess what happened next. It wasn’t long before that determined rooster was back in our church service. Modesto just ignored it and kept on teaching. When the rooster started cock-a-doodle-dooing (at least a dozen times) it became a little harder to ignore. There were chuckles heard from all over the church….but Modesto kept right on teaching. So does that sound anything like a church service you have been a part of recently? Life in Bolivia is always full of surprises….we love it! Like I said our Sunday service was full of encouragement, good teaching, and a little entertaining at the same time. (see attached photo)

Thank you so much for your support of our ministry here in Bolivia! Because of your prayers and financial support we have the privilege to work among these precious people. Thank you so much for partnering with us! If you would like to donate online to our ministry through Grace Ministries International, please click here.

Serving through Christ,

Dan, Mary Sue, and Tasha Reed



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