Wherever The Lord Leads – The Gularts in Paraguay

Alex Gulart is from the church in Uruguay affiliated with GMI. He met Deltha while on an “Operation Mobilization” mission trip. They are currently living in Asuncion, Paraguay working on a short-term ministry development project for GMI, February – July 2014. They have two children – Ainhoa and Bastian.


Hello dear friends, we hope that this letter finds you well and blessed by the Lord. We thank God that we are doing very well.

Traveling to Paraguay

We came to Paraguay by bus (21 hours which is quite fast), the only complication was that Bastian and Ainhoa threw up on the way all over Alex. It’s obvious that they love him so much that they choose him.

On the bus God already allowed us to meet a cool family from Asunción. They are a married couple with 2 little girls. We also met a Uruguayan who came to Paraguay for work, and we are now still in contact with all of them.

Our first days…

We feel blessed and grateful to God for allowing us to be in this country. Little by little we are adapting. Paraguay is very different from Uruguay, maybe in some ways it is more like Mexico, but it’s definitely very different from Uruguay. Here it is so hot. We do not stop sweating. The beginning of change is never easy, as there are many things you have to adapt to, but God is good and He is helping us a lot. Also, the Paraguayans are very nice.

God’s provision

When we arrived in Paraguay we had absolutely nothing but our clothes. When we arrived at our house, we found out that some people gave us cutlery, glasses, plates, an electric oven, and a few other things. The owners of the house left us a couple of chairs, a table, etc. Then in the afternoon of our first day somebody knocked on the door, and it was a man with a refrigerator. God’s provision has not stopped.


The owners of the house are part of God’s purpose in bringing us to this place… at least we think so. They have a girl who is the same age of Ainhoa, so they are now “best friends”. He claims to be Christian in his own way. He does not “believe” in churches or religious leaders. His wife attends a Christian church once in a while, but we do not know much about her faith. When we asked if she wanted to study the Bible with us, she accepted. So this week, God willing, we will start a Bible study with her.

Paraguayan barbecue

The second night we spent in Paraguay somebody knocked our door at night. We were about to go to bed because we were still tired from the trip. It was the neighbor who invited us to a “barbecue on the street” so we dressed and went. He had invited a couple of friends as well. When we finished eating we continued talking, they “interrogated” us very openly about the gospel and we were very clear about Christ and His sacrifice. It was a great night, and a big welcome to Paraguay! The friends of our neighbors seemed to be open to meeting again.

Contacts and opportunities…

We have talked to many non-Christians (including some Koreans and a Uruguayan we have met on the streets). We meet people each day with some interest in spiritual things. We talked to a boy of 21, who claimed to be an atheist, but is very open to talking about God. He say he is interested and has a girlfriend who encourages him to “believe in something”. He liked my proposal to meet up again to talk about spiritual matters.

Every Sunday we visited a different church. The idea is to have a better picture of the churches in Paraguay, while having fellowship with fellow believers. The pastor of the first church we visited invited us to a meeting during the week. We went, and it was a great blessing. He invited us to share with the youth in the near future, and then invited Alex to preach one Sunday as well. Also, a pastor that Alex knew from before, invited him to share a Bible study with a group of non-Christian lawyers.

Good complications…

“Every cloud has a silver lining”, the saying goes. We had many problems with the pipes in the bathrooms. The good thing about all this, is that when the plumbers came, we started talking with them and found out that they are Christians who had to leave the church because a new pastor had left sound doctrine. They agreed to get together to drink “terere” in the near future. We also talked a lot about the current status of churches that encouraged us, because we came to realize that the need is great. At this time they are very hurt by pastors and churches in general, so we are happy to have their willingness to start a friendship. God will say…

Another plumber…

Another plumber who came to our  home to fix another pipe (in the kitchen), and started talking about “religion”. He told us that he was a Catholic, but he liked the “Baptist religion” because they read the Bible more and their services are “more significant” he said. He also told us he had studied the Bible with Mormons, but when they stopped talking about Christ, and start talking of Joseph Smith he talked to them about this, and they came no more. We asked him if he wanted to study the Bible with us and he said yes. God willing we will begin to meet with him.

Ciudad del Este (around 5 hours from Asuncion)

God willing, we will travel to Ciudad del Este for a few days, we are really interested in this area by the number of nations and religions represented there. There are few Christian churches working to reach them with the gospel of Christ (if any).

You can give thanks:

– For our adaptation, although it has not been easy, we recognize that God has helped us a lot.

– For the opportunity God has given us to share the gospel and meet people.

– For the good health that our family has had.

– For God’s provision.

– For the people who have supported us, especially the Paraguayan brothers and sisters.

Please join us in prayer:

– That the Bible studies with the neighbor and the plumber will be a reality.

– For our health, and opportunities to share the gospel.

– For the trip to “Ciudad del Este” (contacts, accommodation, travel, bus tickets, etc.)

– For our families both in Mexico and Uruguay who miss us a lot.

– For our children, that God gives us wisdom to educate them in the discipline of the Lord.

Thank you very much for everything. God bless you very much!

Alex Deltha, Ainhoa and Bastian!


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