Rabenolds Visit the Rukwa

The Rabenolds have been serving with GMI for over 20 years. We are so thankful for them and praise God for their service and hearts for the Lord. Below is an update from Ted Rabenold. Please remember them in your prayers and encouragement.

“Hello Everyone!

I hope that this last Christmas season found you all joyful. It is a hard world that we live in and ‘joyful people’ are the only individuals who seem to stand out. It gives me happiness to know my joy comes not from within myself but rather through the constancy of Jesus!
Kim was excited to fly to the USA to help Sierra get things in order for her upcoming wedding to Thomas Letchford in August. They are doing very well and getting lots of things done in regards to that event. Her visit is short and will allow us as parents to help Sierra now since we will be completing our work at Rift Valley Academy in mid-July 2014.
That left Savy and me here in Kenya. We planned a trip to Tanzania, which turned out to be very exciting and enabled us to see many past friends and make many more new ones.

It was great to be in the Rukwa Valley seeing our East African co-workers, the Ullyotts, and many Tanzanian friends. The Ullyotts are filling in at the Kapenta Mercy Health Center for the Guilzon family who are on their home assignment time in the USA. The Ullyott family is thriving there in the valley and impacting many lives. It is great to see a family with little kids again on our field! It reminds me so much of when our kids were young.

Also at our home in Kapenta for three months were two short-term men I sent from Kenya. Adam and Andrew White were involved in evangelism with local pastors leading five new believers to Christ, as well as being involved in physical change outreach projects from bridge building to working on the plot in Lyanza village. They both speak Swahili and it was good for them to be involved in these projects as they encouraged all the folks they met along the way. They are exceptional guys!

The main goals of our trip were to:
1) Encourage our brothers and sisters in the valley
2) Check on the new Lyanza village oil press/agricultural project
3) Run a beekeeper training seminar for beekeepers from Mahenge region in Tanzania
4) Run a beekeeper training seminar for World Vision in Arusha

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Ted, Kim and Savannah Rabenold

PO Box 80
Rift Valley Academy
Kijabe, Kenya 00220

Please enjoy pictures of the trip to the Rukwa as described.”










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