Hodgson Habari – A Glimpse at 2013


The life of a missionary is full of paradoxes. We are thankful for each one of our missionaries and the life they have each chosen to live for Christ, serving him. We are also thankful for their ministries, unique to them individually, and their dealings with and perspectives on these paradoxes of their lives. Kim Hodgson, missionary with her family in Mbeya, Tanzania, shares with us a glimpse over what the past year was for her. Please enjoy the pictures as well that she provided to help you “see” their life in Tanzania.

“How can one year pass by so slowly and so quickly all at the same time? When this year started, we had just passed the midterm point of our second term here in Tanzania. It seemed like time was standing still and I could not wait until our time in the States. Now that we are looking at just six more months until our home assignment, I am wondering where the time has gone! Thankfully God lives outside of time.

“God has worked through us in many ways this past year. He has also allowed us to experience emotional highs and lows. We had a difficult start to the year with feeling like we really needed a break. God provided good fellowship with friends and a family vacation when we needed them. Despite our own struggles, God used us to encourage others. We have many people stay in our home as they are traveling through Mbeya. They are usually our fellow GMI missionaries and their guests, but this year we saw that ministry expand to missionaries from other organizations.

“When missionaries leave the field to move back to their home countries, it is difficult to pack up their houses and leave the country all in one day. There were three families this year whom we were able to help during this transition. They stayed with us (at separate times) during their last week of packing up and saying goodbye to friends and coworkers. It was a blessing to us to be allowed to be a blessing to them. At the same time, it was difficult to say so many goodbyes, especially for the kids.

“In the midst of all our guests, Cory has been working as field director of the GMI Tanzania field, working with the national church, and continuing the Bible correspondence ministry. God has been using Cory to encourage the other missionaries through phone calls and emails. He has also had the opportunity to lead a field meeting and guide us as we make goals for our field. We saw God’s hand at work as the door was opened for Cory to start ministering in and distributing Bible lessons to area prisons.

“As the year came to a close, God blessed us again with visitors. From November 20 to December 10 my dad and his wife were here with us. We really enjoyed our time with them. It was fun to show them around Mbeya and introduce them to some of our friends. The kids especially appreciated the time with their grandparents. It is always a blessing to receive guests.” – Kim Hodgson

The Current Missionaries on GMI’s Tanzanian Field


Cory visiting the sick in the hospital


Game time for Naomi and Elijah with Aunt Brook


Hosting guests in our home


The prison ministry team


Spending time with fellow MKs before they leave Tanzania


Pastor Douglas preparing Bible lessons


Visiting with fellow missionaries, the Simtowes


At an all-church conference in the Rukwa Valley


The kids playing during our stay in the Rukwa Valley


Hosting THANKSGIVING at our home in Mbeya



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