1,000 Kids For Christ – December 2013 Update

1,000 KIDS FOR CHRIST UPDATE from December 3, 2013 

The Kindu evangelistic team traveled a full day by bike to the town of Kayuyu where they were able to hold five outdoor evangelistic services. In response to the showing of the God/Man DVD, 323 people came forward to accept Christ as Savior. The team was also able to lead 93 people to Christ during three afternoons of house-to-house evangelism using tracts.

Below: Pastor Mbavu continues to achieve the team’s goal that every student in our 292 Grace Church Schools will receive a presentation of the Gospel in the One-Hope books that are passed out.


Below: It’s great to see disciple leaders being released to train new Christians.

ImageBelow: It’s wonderful to give reading material to kids who want to go to school even under difficult circumstances.


Below: This town of Kayuyu also received a spiritual boost from a five-day women’s seminar where close to 2,000 ladies were in attendance.


Continue to Praise the Lord for His incredible work in the hearts and lives of the people of Congo! Also pray for the people carrying out these ministries and for the people hearing and learning about The Truth, pray that their hearts will be soft and receptive to the Gospel.


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