The Testimony of the Call to Ministry of Brett & Debby Chapman: Candidate Missionaries to Nicaragua

We are joining a team of who will start a new work in Nagarote, Nicaragua. We will work with two other missionary families to bring a clear gospel message to the people there.  Our goal is to participate in planting new churches and to begin Bible training and theological education.  We plan to open our home and our lives to the Nicaraguans, and pray that we may have the opportunity to share Jesus with them.  We are praying that as people come to know the Lord and are taught a solid Biblical foundation, they will continue to grow in their faith and in turn teach others what they have learned.

Though we grew up in very different homes, the Lord brought missions to our attention throughout high school and college. Debby was challenged to take a mission trip to Bolivia at the age of 15.  And though she had been exposed to the idea of missions most of her life, it was at this1394303_10151744676557607_237599184_n time that she felt that God was asking her personally if she was willing to step out and serve Him in another country as a missionary.  Since this time, she has had a strong desire to share the gospel and present clear Bible teaching around the world.

I became a Christian right before my junior year in high school. The gospel gradually became the center of my life, and a passion was growing within me.   I was committed to being able to understand the Bible and to be able to explain it to everyone around me.  Debby and I both attended the same Bible college and during our time there we were impacted with God’s heart for the whole world to know Him.  Both in college and in the years that followed we were continually reminded of the multitude of opportunities to we have in America to hear the gospel and receive Biblical teaching versus the limited opportunities in so many other countries.  I was burdened with the knowledge that there are so many places around the world where people do not have access to a clear gospel message.

Debby and I have spent the past 6 years growing in and working with Grace Bible Church in Palm Bay FL.  We have been blessed to be able to serve and teach in the church as well as to be taught and mentored by the pastor and members of the congregation.  We feel that the most important thing for our family is to love and serve the Lord.  As parents we want to be an example of godly leadership and daily dependence on God.  We want for our two little girls to see Jesus in our lives.  Our family has felt so at home at Grace Bible, yet still on our hearts is the desire to share the love of Jesus with people who may not have access to the gospel.

The opportunity to be involved with Grace Ministries International came to our attention in early 2013.  Their organization seeks to preach the gospel to unreached people and then train and disciple believers to become teachers themselves.  We felt that it was a good fit.   After much prayer we spoke with the elders at Grace Bible Church. The church leadership was excited and approved of us seeking this new opportunity to serve the Lord.  We applied to be missionaries with Grace Ministries International and in October we were interviewed and approved by their board of directors.

We see God’s hand at work in our lives to bring us to this point.  He has allowed wonderful people into our lives to encourage and build us up in our faith and to challenge us to follow after Him.  He has provided many opportunities to be taught and teach His word.  Please pray for our family, that God will use all that He has put into our lives for His glory as we minister to the people in Nicaragua.

Brett and Debby Chapman


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