1,000 Kids Update October 24, 2013

Pastor Mbavu, who is the director of the Christian Education Department for the Grace Churches in Congo, recently informed us that for the school year of 2012-2013 God has once again shown His grace in an amazing way. Through the ministries of chapels and teaching religion classes in the 292 Grace Church schools 1,597 students put their trust in Jesus Christ as Savior this year. Pray that many of them will enroll in the discipleship classes that many of the schools offer. 


The evangelism team from Kindu had an interesting week long trip by canoe down the Congo River visiting an area where two new Grace Churches have been planted in the past two years. Going was rough as many times some of the people thought the canoe might capsize. They were often bitten by mosquitoes, traveled by foot through deep jungle and slept on mats in mud huts. God’s grace was proclaimed in five villages. In the open-air services 2,577 people heard God’s Word through songs and preaching, and they watched DVD showings. During the altar call 167 people came forward to indicate they wanted to be saved. Tract evangelism was also done in these villages and a total of 65 people accepted Christ.


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