Quick Bolivia Update

Parkside Bible Church

As many of you know, the ministry team of 22 just left Bolivia on August 13th. Over 1,000 youth in 4 schools were reached with the theme of “Purity” through speakers, music, drama and testimonies. The team also presented programs in 5 of their churches, worked in the local orphanage and painted in another one of the churches. We will hopefully have more news on their trip in the next few weeks.

Dan and Mary Sue Reed’s son Trevor has been with them in Bolivia for the summer and is now back in Los Angeles starting his second year at the University of Southern California. He will be an RA in his dorm so needs to be back at school early for three weeks of RA training before school starts. Their other son Taylor has been working at Yosemite National Park. He is working at a rustic campground with no electricity (so obviously no internet) and they don’t hear from him very often. Every few weeks when he gets into the valley they are able to  connect with him online. He is loving his time surrounded by all of the natural beauty! Tasha has been keeping busy volunteering two days a week at a orphanage for babies who need special care. She has really enjoyed her time there. She will be starting her last year of high school the day after the team leaves. They are very thankful that they still have her at home for one more year!

Please pray:
1. for Trevor’s adjustment back in the United States
2.  for the youth who have recently made commitments to follow God’s will in their lives
3. for the team and the long-term impact of the trip on their lives
4. for Tasha and her upcoming school year
5. for Taylor to be continually blessed at Yosemite National Park
6. for the continued ministry in Bolivia
Womans Retreat1. for the encouraging Women’s Retreat On July 21st
2. for Pastor Lucas Guzman and Pastor Salustio Vidal who have been teaching through the book of Acts at Vida Abundante Church (Abundant Life Church).
3. for God’s faithfulness day by day.

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