Electrical News

Last summer a hydro-electric generator was installed for the Tanzania Grace Bible Institute (TGBI) campus. They brought electricity up to the campus into a building that houses our old generator which used to power the campus for 10 hours a week in the evenings.  They found that the existing wiring to most of the buildings was undersized and inadequate for 24-hour electricity which we now have. The entire electrical system needed an overhaul.
IMG_7842_thumb[2]With an entire electrical system needing serious help, a team from Seattle went down to Mumba. They ran new wires to each building on the campus.  This included:
– 4 missionary homes and their garages and guest homes
– 6 Tanzanian staff members’ homes
– The Bible School Office building, 5 classrooms (one of which will soon be used for a computer school), and 4 dormitories

They also installed new breaker boxes at most of the buildings as many had no breaker boxes and others were not usable for the new system. They installed dual power in each missionary home. Now we can simultaneously run 120v electricity for things we have brought from the States and 240v electricity for things which we can buy here.SAM_3442_thumb[5]

SAM_3433_thumb[1]They rewired Brook’s house inside. Now there are lights and outlets where needed and all the scary wiring from the past is safely fixed. When they first saw some of the older wiring on the campus they said it was all a fire waiting to happen! Now there are no more exposed wires but everything is inside junction boxes and labeled well.
It has been an exciting time with electronics in Tanzania. A new virtual computing package was deployed in Tanzania with InterConnection in Mbeya. InterConnection’s Virtual Computing Packages allow multiple people to share one computer.  This technology will be used in the Mbeya computer lab as they recently didn’t have any computers. Grace Ministries took 4 refurbished laptops and 16 thin clients for the new computer lab.

This connection with InterConnection has the possibility to open doors to new mission fields for Grace Ministries International.

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