Tanzania Youth Camp Week 3

Praise the Lord for the amazing weeks of camp ministry in Tanzania this summer. Despite illness of leaders and exhaustion from long days, camp was a success in Tanzania with counselors and campers full of energy for Jesus. Image

Praise the Lord for 60 campers who came from nine different churches in the Rukwa Valley.
The turnout was great and the stories from Brook and her team are inspiring.

“Tuesday and Wednesday we laid the foundation and shared the Gospel with each group. Then on Thursday each counselor had time to sit with their groups and to share the Gospel with them and to teach them to share the Gospel with their friends.  During these classes many of the younger kids and some of the older kids accepted Christ as their personal Saviour.  Each evening we called all the newborn Christians to come forward in the service and everyone celebrated.  After the service various kids came forward to ask the pastor how they too could be saved!  They didn’t want to miss their opportunity.” ~ Brook Seekins

One story in particular that was especially inspiring was not that of a camper but a bystander listening and observing as the week went on. She was a local village woman who came to fetch water and got so much more.
“She came to fetch water from the water tank on the church property each day.  She watched the kids singing and dancing outside the church each day, she listened to Chapel services through the window as she waiting in line for water, and after one service she asked the pastors to help her to be saved!” Image

Over the last week of camp, a total of 32 were saved.

ImageCourtney Adler was a great help over the camp season and began working in camp just two days after arriving in Tanzania. She was encouraging to the campers and taught them about the Tabernacle which Moses built. She is now back in the United States continuing ministry in her daily life.

Praise God for the ministry being done in Tanzania!


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