Tanzanian Camp


Staff training began June 5 in Mumba,Tanzania to prepare the leaders for the following three weeks of camp in neighboring villages.
“I praise God for their heart to learn and serve. Many times our classes went overtime in class because they were full of questions. It is always fun for a teacher to have students who want to learn. It was also fun to see some former campers now growing up and becoming counselors!” -Brook Seekins

They played games and worshiped together while preparing Bible lessons and songs for camp. They experienced God in a very physical way at one point in the training.


“Friday afternoon we were learning about how the LORD came down to Israel on Mt. Sinai in fire, smoke, with lightening, thunder and how the earth trembled.  Just then we felt an earthquake. Everyone’s eyes grew big as we realized we were experiencing just a small taste of what people would have felt that day. Our God is great and amazing isn’t He?”

campphotoTheir first week of camp was June 10-14 and brought 77 campers together from 8 different villages. The theme this year is the Life of Moses and how he exemplified the verse:

“What does the LORD require of you but to do justice and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God?”  Micah 6:8b

CounselorsPlease continue to pray for the rest of this week’s camp and for next week as they finish up.
Please pray for healing for the counselors who are not feeling 100% .  campphoto2


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