Harvest of Generosity

Harvest of GenerosityZach is a 20 year old Parkside Bible Church member who started an organization called Harvest of Generosity. I am also privileged to call Zach my friend. When Zach talked about his idea for Harvest for Generosity, his passion was evident. He had an idea for a farm where he could educate people as a way to provide for their families. He spoke of the seminars he heard of where you could learn how to organize crops to grow most effectively.
Harvest of Generosity3“This past summer while I was in Panama, I was asking God to show me what He wanted me to do with my life. I learned that he wanted me to start a farm where students and other individuals can come, harvest produce, then take that produce to those in need right here in Holland, Michigan. At the thought, I was terrified. I didn’t know how to garden, where the money would come from, or how the details would come together.”  Harvest of Generosity2

The farm is not only a place for students to grow and tend to the crops but for the recipients of the produce. As said by Zach “God simply wants me to start this farm as a ministry for both those receiving the produce and for those students who will be working the farm.”
Harvest of Generosity4Praise God for the continued volunteers and the first harvests.

Praise God for the start of this ministry.

Please pray for a continued great ministry.

Please pray for further financial support.

The ministry is in its early stages but will continue to ‘grow’ as more people continue to volunteer on the farm and pray for it. If you are able to help out please send Harvest of Generosity a message on their Facebook page.  Like the Harvest of Generosity Facebook page and website and consider getting involved in Holland, MI.

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