Stateside Shermans

The Shermans are currently in the United States and have tickets to return to Tanzania on May 30.
Over the past ten months Steve and Barb have been busy traveling, spending time with church families and enjoying potlucks. As said by the Shermans, “We have booked tickets to return to Tanzania on May 30. By then we will have completed ten months in the U.S., visited 31 churches, and attended 43 potlucks. Does anyone know what the recommended yearly allowance for potlucks is?”

Besides potlucks, Steve taught a spring semester course at Grace Bible College on Philosophy of Missions, Current Trends and Issues in Missions. He feels it has helped him to sharpen his own personal philosophy of missions and his research has given him new information that will help him to lead GMI’s work in Africa as the Africa Director.
Over the next year and a half, Steve’s primary job will be developing curriculum and leading a team of other curriculum developers for the English lay leader Bible school program. Many of the courses have been completed and the Malawi Grace churches are first to take advantage of the program. On April 6 they launched their first Bible school.

Upon returning to Africa, the Shermans will check up on the progress of their ministries at Tanzania Grace Bible Institute’s Pastoral College, the nine Bible Schools, and Barb’s ministries to burn patients and protein malnourished children.
The summer will bring a team from Seattle Berean Church to rewire most of the campus of TGBI because of the hydro-electricity that was installed last year.

In the fall, the plan is for the Shermans to head to Zambia for a couple months to work with Grace Church of Zambia (GCZ) on a Memorandum of Understanding as a guideline for the relationship between GMI and GCZ. While there, they will be pursuing the possibility of starting English Bible schools in Zambia.

From Zambia, they plan to visit Malawi to encourage and advise the Malawi Bible School as it continues in its first year. As Africa Director, Steve will need to meet with Bill and Sue Vinton and survey the possibility of ministry opportunities for them there. When back in Tanzania, they will begin the process of establishing a computer school at TGBI. This is possible by the new hydro-electricity. A computer school will help in three aspects: to encourage their relationship with the local community as they reach out to them; to give their church leaders who train at TGBI a technical edge; and, most importantly, the computer school will be an income-generating project for the Pastoral College.

Stefanie is planning on continuing homeschooling instead of attending Rift Valley Academy, like her brother did.
Trevor will be finishing his first year in college in a few weeks and getting his first ever paid job for the summer.

Prayer Requests:
Pray for safe travels for the Shermans as they return to Tanzania and all their travels within Africa as they return.
Pray for the success in training leaders for the church in Malawi as well as the new school in Malawi.
Pray for the Seattle Berean Church team as they plan to go to Tanzania to help rewire the TGBI campus.
Pray for Stefanie as she continues her schooling at home and that she continues to develop into the woman that God wants her to be.
Pray for Trevor and for a full recovery of his vision from a recent eye surgery he had for retinal detachment. Also for Trevor’s summer plans and that he would continue to develop into the man that God wants him to be.
Pray for Steve, Barb, Trevor and Stefanie as they leave Trevor and they will all miss one other.

Praise God for the Shermans’ ministry and all the exciting opportunities and developments coming up.


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