May Prayer and Praise

Every month the missionaries at GMI send a report of things to be in prayer about and things to praise God about! Here are a few things from different parts of the world to pray about and praise God for.

Andrew and Jeneane Hollier:
Praise—We praise the Lord for adding a new family to our church.
Prayer—On May 19 we will hold our Herald of Hope prophecy meeting and we would
appreciate your prayers for many to come and some to be challenged to consider salvation in Christ.
Ricki Anne Zanella:
Praise—For the positive transition in the beginning of our ministries: a diversity of teaching activities within the children’s ministries, a new female leader within the young adults’ ministry, and for the advancements we are making in our third year of curriculum development
Prayer—This weekend (May 18th) we will be participating in an annual “Street Cleaning” outreach. We will be serving our neighborhood by raking and disposing of fall leaves in front of their homes with a desire to bless them.  Please pray for good weather (predicting 34 degrees Fahrenheit) and that God will give us opportunities to share the gospel message and other Biblical truths with them.
Brook Seekins:
Praise—Praise the Lord for decent dental care in Dar and safety in travelling there and back the first week of May.
Prayer—Pray for camp ministries which begin June 5. There will be a team of almost 40 nationals involved in the ministries.
Pray for summer teams, Courtney comes around June 1 for camps. Mid-July a team of guys from WA come to help with electrical work. It is hard for the teams as they prep and for us as we prepare to receive them.
Puerto Rico:
Lawrence and Barbara Trumbower:
Praise—Our kids came in on the 15th ~ it’s SO great to see, hear, and hug them once again!
Prayer—The PR government is leaning more and more away from God’s principles and we all must be fortified and content in our own faith in order to have a winsome testimony in every circumstance.

Many more things are happening all over the world in on the varying mission fields. Prayer and Praise items will be posted in the Prayer and Praise section of the blog as well as on the GMI Facebook page.

We are always trying to find more effective ways to get the prayer requests communicated online. If you have any ideas please comment on this post. If you have any prayer requests, go to the Request Prayer section of the blog.


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