The Larger Little Things- Tanzania

“What happens between the big events?  How much easier it is to write about the “Big” ministry events which we hold.  But to try to explain the day in and day out workings of mission life is much harder.” Brook Seekins

Brook Seekins, a missionary in Tanzania, is busy attending meetings to plan for camp and other youth events for the year. These meetings are a part of the process to get the “Big” ministry events planned. Camp staff training starts on June 5 and before then at least 40 people need to be rounded up to assist Brook and the other members of the youth board to make the camps a success this year. They need to plan all the classes to be taught (17 Bible Lessons and 8 Workshops) and make sure registration forms get to each church (even when there is no postal service).

A lot of work goes in to making the camps fun and exciting but it isn’t the only thing being worked on by Brook and her colleagues.  In July a team is heading to Mumba to help rewire the Bible college campus where Brook lives. Communication to the States has been key in trying to figure out the best layout that will give the maximum amount of electricity for the least amount of funds.  Thank God for the team members that know what they are doing and can tell Brook and the others in Tanzania what to measure and what to buy.

Of course there is just everyday life in Tanzania on top of all of that.  Brook is almost finished putting my house back together and has only a small list of things that she can’t find or may have been stolen.  Every time a day was set aside to put up the solar panels on Brook’s roof, it seems like there was a funeral or a church meeting or another maintenance emergency on campus.  Taking time to go shopping in town means taking an entire day out of the schedule.  Or attending one of the many village funerals as of late means taking several hours out of your day to sit with friends and family of the deceased.
They even had a field meeting a couple weekends ago. What a blessing to gather with other Tanzanian missionaries for fellowship, games, worship, and planning.

In between all the planning and setting up and just living a Tanzanian life, Brook is able to see such beauty in Tanzania. The big events of ministry are important and a great way to share the Good News but there is beauty in His creation that surrounds us daily.

“This week I was struck by all the beautiful wildflowers that are out right now. It seems we are never lacking some flower or another throughout the year, but at this time there seems to be many.  We also have these cool Mario Brother type mushrooms, which aren’t edible. The locals have ways of telling time by flowers. There are rain flowers that come just after the rains begin, there are these bright yellow flowers that come as the rains end and that is the time of year the bees move around. Then when their petals fall, it’s supposed to be the best time to harvest honey!”
See Brook’s full post on her blog

Yellow flowerMushroom  purple flowers Pink flower  Flower


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