GBC Spring Break 2013: Puerto Rico

A team of Grace Bible College students devoted their spring break to serving in Puerto Rico and experiencing missionary life for a week. These students came back with a new heart for Puerto Rico and many experiences they will never forget.

A couple students wrote of a few things that were placed on their heart after having gone on their trip.


Ben Dolinger is a sophomore at Grace studying Worship Arts. This was his first mission trip and he grew a lot over the course of the week.
“When I was on the Puerto Rico trip, God taught me several things. One of the big things that He taught me was that I need to be more careful about what I allow into my life — such as the music I listen to, the people I hang out with, and the things I say. After that week in Puerto Rico, I have changed who I hang out with and have been more careful about what I listen to. My favorite part about the week on a spiritual level was when I was at the Juana Diaz church and I played piano for the band at a youth group meeting. All the words were in Spanish but I still knew the lyrics because they were songs that we sing here in the States.”


Holly Haney is a freshman this year working towards her associate’s degree. She previously went to Puerto Rico for a mission trip with her church and felt God telling her to go back. She was challenged while she was there to become more of a leader. “God taught me a lot about being a leader while I was on the trip in Puerto Rico. Our team had the opportunity to work with a school that came to the camp for a day and I was a leader for a section of the kids. It was challenging with the language barrier because the kids wouldn’t always understand what I was trying to say, so God really taught me a lot about leading by example and having patience when I step into the role of being a leader. One of my favorite parts of the trip to Puerto Rico was getting to see the people I met the last time I was down there. While our team was helping out with the AWANA program in the Barrio church, I reconnected with the little girl that lived in the house that I painted the last time I was in Puerto Rico 2 years ago. It was such a blessing, seeing her involved with the church, and that she still remembered me. God moved in so many ways on that trip!”

The mission trips that students take in high school and in college stay with them for many years and challenge and encourage the students who go as well as those they are able to reach out to. A mission trip is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience at some point in their lives. ImageImageImage


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