March 18, 2013 1000 Kids update

An update on the 1000 kids from Bill and Sue Vinton


People are open–even eager–to hear the Gospel

God has blessed the Kama mobile team during a very difficult three-week trip traveling long distances by bike through several insecure areas where they were harassed and made to pay rite of passage by three or four different military and rebel groups. Also, they held 11 evangelistic campaigns and did tract evangelism in areas where there are a lot of Muslims and therefore, much resistance to the Gospel. However, God’s power was manifested as, over that 3-week period 506 people came forward to write down their names indicating that they wanted to receive Christ as Savior (four were converts from Islam).

This same team has since made two more trips (12 days) to the Bikenge and Nyalukungu areas. They were able to hold outdoor evangelistic campaigns in 11 different villages where a total of 211 people were saved. They did tract evangelism in 12 places going door-to-door and this rather large group of team members, local pastors, evangelists and church members were able to lead 53 people to Christ. This is rainy season which has hindered several of these ministries and makes traveling very difficult as the team pushes their heavy-laden bicycles through overgrown paths, log bridges and large mud holes.


At last a new mobile team heads out!


The new team in the city of Kindu has been undergoing training the past three weeks and waiting for the books and equipment to arrive via MAF. They were able to distribute 3,528 books in nine of our Grace schools in the city as part of their training. They also did tract evangelism in several parts of the city and 3 people were saved. On Friday they began their first trip as they headed 70 miles by bike to the mining town of Kalima. This team is composed of two school chaplin-pastors, two evangelists, a person in charge of setting up equipment for the evening out-door campaigns, and a porter. They will be joining several pastors and evangelists from the different areas where they will be ministering. As shown in the above picture, time is set aside to train teachers on how to use these booklets. This year close to 300 teacher training manuals have been given out to teachers and chaplains who then use the OneHope booklets given to students in their religions classes taught twice a week.


What is the Impact of One Booklet?


One of the goals of these teams is to distribute OneHope gospel booklets free to all the students in our Grace run schools. Students get excited as this may be the only book that they will receive while going to school. Colorful OneHope booklets are one of the reasons many students in our schools are coming into contact with the Scriptures. We have already shipped over 70,000 booklets from Bukavu by air to five different hubs. From there these teams have already given out a total of 25,623 OneHope Swahili booklets to first through third graders; French booklets to fourth to sixth graders; and more difficult French version booklets to high schoolers. The teams also hold a training seminar with the chaplains at each school to help them know how to use the teacher’s manuals as the OneHope books are used in their mandatory religion classes. Pray that discipleship classes will begin with the new converts from these classes and chapels held weekly in the schools and from the open-air evangelistic campaigns. 

Much Prayer Needed


The past six weeks of traveling have taken their toll on two key leaders. Pastor Mbavu is the coordinator of both mobile teams and has spent two weeks traveling with the Kama team and two more weeks training the new Kindu team. His return home by motor cycle (120 miles) took parts of three days, involving several falls, and lots of rain. He fell ill with malaria and other symptoms related to his heart disease. Mr. Byakita, who is the team leader of the Kama team is also down with malaria and the flu. Pray for the health of these team leaders and for the safety of team as they travel

Bill’s 10-Day Trip to Kindu

God provided an inexpensive way for Bill to fly to Kindu using two UN planes and a helicopter. It took about 10 hours to make all the connections. It has been very difficult and very costly to schedule MAF flights, but Bill and two pastors were able to make it back to Bukavu on the plane that brought evangelistic equipment and OneHope books to Kindu. We praise the Lord that Bill’s back held up as he taught at the Kindu Bible College.  He was able to teach 14 theological students, hold a one-day leadership seminar for students and pastors, and meet to the Executive Committee of the Grace Churches.

Please continue to pray for these ministries.

Bill & Sue


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