1,000 Kids for Christ

1000 kidsAt times things just do not go as planned. Over four years ago nine Congolese men had a vision of reaching 1,000 kids per year with the gospel of Jesus Christ. To them what seemed to be an incredible goal was merely just the beginning of a far greater harvest the Lord had been cultivating in Congo. After more than four years, over 9,000 kids have accepted the message of Christ’s death and resurrection to save them from their sins unto eternal life in Him. We can and should rejoice in this, but what we do not want to do is rest. The vision and work of these nine men that Bill Vinton has trained, discipled and empowered is only expanding.

These men with their team of three to five pastors each are now in the process of transporting and distributing 100,000 booklets called the “Book of Hope” to five different locations within Congo. With these booklets, they will go into churches and public schools in order to evangelize their countrymen. Imagine how many thousands more could accept the gospel of the grace of God!  In just the past couple of weeks several hundred have come to know Christ as their Savior.

The logistics of such a venture in a country without much infrastructure is a feat that requires substantial resources and perseverance. The effort to mobilize these teams and transport and distribute the “Book of Hope” booklets will cost tens of thousands of dollars. We thank the Lord that He is already providing these funds! Because of this we are seeking 1,000 prayer partners who will commit to pray for these nine men, the “1,000 Kids for Christ” outreach, and the harvest of these evangelistic efforts over the next year.

If you would commit yourself to praying, would you let us know by sending an email to gmi@gracem.org and put “1,000 Kids for Christ Outreach” in the subject line to let us know you are praying?

Once we get your response, we will send out regular email updates and update our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/graceministriesinternational) and website (http://www.gracem.org/onethousandkidsforchrist.html) with current information. When you respond, if you choose to leave us your mailing address we will send you a memento that will serve to remind you to persevere in prayer. Thank you for standing with your Congolese brothers in Christ.


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