Roths in Costa Rica

Roth pic
A typical morning in language school in Costa Rica for Jeff and Sally Roth as they learn Spanish.

The Roths have successfully made it to Costa Rica and are becoming acquainted with the new country and culture. The hardest part of their change was leaving their two daughters, Rachel and Brianna, in Grand Rapids for school as Jeff and Sally headed out to Costa Rica. Brianna and Rachel are continuing at Grace Bible College after a great first semester. Rachel is taking classes at both Grace and Cornerstone for her BA in Elementary Education, and Brianna is planning to transfer to Calvin College in the Fall to pursue a BS in Nursing. Please pray that Jeff and Sally will know and experience God very personally as Elisha did after Elijah was taken up to heaven. God has placed a newly married couple in their lives. Milo and Raquel are a couple very devoted to mission work and feel called to Nicaragua. Milo and Raquel are spending this year in Costa Rica to continue to develop their new marriage. Nicaragua is the Roths’ ultimate destination upon a year of Spanish instruction. They have plans to travel to Nicaragua the last week of March with Milo and Raquel. What an exciting way to spend Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday! Please pray for preparation, safety and travel details. Pray for them to be very sensitive to God’s leading. Instituto de Lengua Española is where the Roths are spending their mornings studying Spanish. Their morning is packed with grammer, chapel, Bible study, language, and pronunciation. They praise God for all they are learning and how quickly they are learning although Swahili occasionally slips in there for Jeff and Bemba or Sign Language for Sally.

Things are going very well for the Roth family both in Michigan and in Costa Rica.

Praises from the Roths:

  • Safe travel and all of our bags arrived with nothing broken!
  • God has provided a dear family to board Rachel’s dog. God arranged it that this family is nearby the dorm so Rach can take Fujo for a walk whenever she is free.
  • God is helping us remember some of our Spanish from high school days!
  • Bri is doing very well at work. People are helping her with transportation and she has her driver’s license!
  • Sally praises the Lord for this last class on Learning Disabilities that He enabled her to take. She has learned so much and is already able to use it to begin to help some people is Costa Rica.
  • We praise the Lord for YOU! We could not be here without your help!

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