Talo and the People

One of the greatest parts of Talo’s ministry is being able to work with the people who have impacted him the most. “When ministry gets tough, when there are some upsets, I am always reminded of the amazing reality that it is all about people” explains Talo.

Some of the people who have had a big impact in Talo’s life and his ministry have been:

Harold Cosme – He will be in South America for the CIMA Argentina conference in January, then he will experience a mission trip somewhere in Argentina and go back to Puerto Rico sometime in February.

Gabrielly Palmer – She loves children and missions. She arrived in Bolivia in January, participated in the CIMA conference and went to a 10-day missionary experience in a rural province of Cochabamba. Now she is back in Puerto Rico finishing her studies at University but her heart is sold on missions and she feels a calling to Africa that she is willing to pursue.

Alexis Irizarry – He arrived in Bolivia in January for CIMA and experienced a 10-day mission trip in the countryside of Santa Cruz. Since then he is serving and being mentored in Uruguay at our local Grace church. In January, he will participate in the CIMA conference in Argentina, experience a missionary trip and go back to Puerto Rico.

Jonathan Tuttle – He has done a two-week intense mission adventure in Chile and returned to Argentina where he is serving in a poor neighborhood, at an orphanage and in the Movida office. He then will be in Bolivia serving at our Grace camp.

Please pray for these four youth as they are tasting missions and getting amazing experiences, but they need to make wise choices for
their futures now and the enemy is working and wants to deter them from God´s will in their lives.

Talo is the leader of the CIMA 2013 conference that is ending tomorrow. Praise God for all of the preparations and details that Talo worked out. Please pray for the hearts and lives that have been touched over this conference and for Alexis, Harold and Jonathan who will be traveling to their homes at the end of the CIMA conference and heading into February.


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