Hodgsons, Honey and Homeschooling

Keeping with the alliteration for the title was just too easy for this update on the Hodgson family.

On November 2nd, they were able to harvest from their beehives. Their total harvest was 28 liters (nearly 7.5 gallons) of honey! The quality and quantity of the beautiful, amber- colored honey amazed their Tanzanian friends and offered them an opportunity to lead a seminar in town in teaching beekeeping.

“Please pray that the Lord will prepare peoples’ hearts for this and that the gospel of the Grace of Jesus Christ can be effectively proclaimed through this opportunity.”

Twenty-six new students from all over their area have signed up for the Bible correspondence course. Lessons are being planned and prepared. Local pastors are correcting them and being encouraged to bring them into their churches for church elders and deacons. It is encouraging to have so many new students filled with a passion of understanding God’s Word.  They are also planning on doing some radio preaching and advertising in the near future.

“Please pray for these endeavors that the Lord will use them for his honor and glory and for delivering the Grace message to a wide audience, reaching much of southwestern Tanzania.”

Kim is very busy homeschooling Naomi as well as being a “hostess with the mostess”! The Hodgson family has guests in their home more often than not which can make keeping a normal schedule quite difficult. Kim is working hard to keep Naomi on track with her lessons. Naomi is an intelligent young girl who is taking in and retaining the information.

“Please pray for Naomi’s attitude as it can be difficult being the only student.”

“Please pray as well for Cory as he has recently been made Field Director for Grace Ministries International Tanzania.


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