Retreats, Requests and the Reeds

A lot has happened since we last heard from the Reed family!


Dan had the privilege of traveling up to La Paz to visit their five mission churches up there. He was given the opportunity to preach at the anniversary service of the Ninachiri Church. Dan also traveled around the area and was able to view two plots of land owned by the mission with hopes of starting future churches. Dan said it was an incredible trip and he can’t wait to get back up to visit these precious people again.

On September 9, the one-day Woman’s Retreat was held with great success.

They had over 130 women show up for the event.

Woman's Retreat
Woman’s Retreat

Mary Sue says,“The morning started out with singing led by two youth, then one of our pastors wives presented a devotional. This was followed by a special treat that the women really enjoyed. We had arranged for a florist to come and share how to arrange and display flowers in your home or for a special occasion.

She created four different flower arrangements right before our eyes as she explained each step. The women really enjoyed this! After a wonderful lunch of chicken and rice and a little free time to relax, we were divided into groups and

competed with some Bible trivia. Boy, do these women love some healthy competition! It was fun to see them laughing and just enjoying this time with the other women. What a great group of ladies! We ended our day with our main speaker. She was a Christian doctor who we had invited to come and share on womens health issues. She offered a question and answer time after she spoke, and many of the women took advantage of this time and asked some really good questions. Everyone enjoyed the day and it was definitely a beneficial event for the women who attended.”

This coming weekend there is a pastors and leaders retreat out at Camp Buena Vista for all of the leaders involved in the mission down in Bolivia. The actual retreat will start on Thursday evening and end sometime Saturday afternoon. The leaders in Santa Cruz have been meeting with the two men who will be the main speakers at the retreat, for the past two months. They have had sessions together which will lead right into the theme of the retreat, which is, “Mission and Vision”. It is very interesting in Bolivia how very often retreats and other special activities for the churches are planned around holidays. Nov. 2nd is “Day of the Dead” in Bolivia, a national holiday and all schools are closed. For the Bolivians it’s an opportunity to get together for a mission retreat or something along those lines.

The last time the Reed family was in Michigan, a man from Dan’s father’s church asked if they could use a small evangelism tool printed in Spanish in their ministry in Bolivia. He showed them a card the size of a business card with the title “Our Gospel” with the passage from 1 Corinthians 15:1- 4 on one side, and six salvation verses from Romans (Rom. 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9, 10:10, and 10:13) on the other side. They mentioned that they could use some of these cards in Bolivia, and a week later received a box with around 3,000 of the evangelism cards.
“It has been amazing to us how these simple cards have been so well received by the youth and adults in our churches. They are thrilled to have this evangelism tool which they can carry with them at all times.”
Dan recently sat across the desk at Henry Prince School and listened as Pastor Herland Gutiérrez shared of his burden to reach the neighborhood around his church for Christ. When Dan mentioned that he had these evangelism cards and asked if his church could use them, he was very excited.
“We are very thankful to have these verse cards, which have been a great evangelism tool.”

As per request of the Reed family:

Please pray:

1. for safety as pastors and leaders travel to and from the retreat this weekend, and that each would be challenged to put into practice what they learn at the retreat.

2. for our health as dengue (mosquito borne illness) season is starting.

3. for our Bolivian pastors and their families.


1. that Guido (one of the youth from the Km 14 church) was able to have surgery on his hand. He has some scarring and will have to have some physical therapy, but has such a good attitude!

2. for the wonderful blessing that our one-day Women’s Retreat was to all of the women who attended.

3. for the growing interest in evangelism that we have seen in several of our churches.


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