Congo Windstorm

The Congo is Grace Ministries International’s oldest mission field, dating back to 1939. Over the years, you have blessed their ministries with your prayers, financial gifts, and encouragement. A few weeks ago a windstorm ripped through the village of Kama damaging many of the buildings constructed by GMI missionaries and in which the National Grace Church of Congo continues to minister.Image

Among the buildings damaged by the storm were the primary and secondary schools for elementary and high school students, the hospital, and various homes used for the ministry. Because of the extent of the damage, the president of the national church has asked for our assistance. While they have committed to providing much of the manual labor and logistics, the totality of the financial burden is tremendous, if not overwhelming. In a country with such an underdeveloped infrastructure, much of the supplies have to be purchased and flown in from another part of the country.

By providing a financial gift in response to this need, you are not just contributing to the repairs of buildings, but you are helping to make whole tools that the Lord is using to grow and equip the Body of Christ in the Congo. Kama has been an important ministry center in the history of GMI’s work in the Congo. Hundreds of pastors have received ministry training at the Pastors’ School. Thousands of students have received a Christ-centered education at the primary and secondary schools. Many have received medical treatment that they might not otherwise have received without the hospital. Image

In order to provide assistance to help repair the damage to the buildings in Kama, we would like to raise $30,000. Please consider partnering with the believers in the Congo so that these important ministries will go forward while the Body of Christ continues to grow and to be equipped to serve the Lord more effectively. You can donate by clicking HERE.


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