Meet Kaylah Fosnot

Kaylah is our newest missionary candidate under GMI. She just graduated from Multnomah Bible College with her Bachelor’s Degrees in Bible/Theology and Intercultural Studies. She is excited to be done with school and to begin her journey of raising funds for her full-time ministry in Puerto Rico. Her desire is to follow what the Lord has for her and right now she feels equipped and called to start an after-school center. She has been to Puerto Rico on 8 different short-term mission trips of varying lengths. All through college Kaylah also worked at a local community center teaching dance and preschool, working in teen programs, and working the front desk. This experience not only impacted the kids but also completely changed her outlook on disadvantaged youth in a low income society. The center provided comfort and daily parenting which the kids weren’t receiving at home. This experience allowed Kaylah to see the impact this has on kids and the need they have for a similar center in Puerto Rico. Since Puerto Rico is the island and place she has a passion for and their age demographic is mostly teenagers, she believes that starting a place like this where teenagers are taken care of and the gospel is shared could transform the face of the island.


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