Brook Seekins: Resurrection Celebration!

Traditionally the Grace churches get together with their nearby churches for an Easter conference. This year the churches in our centre gathered in the village of Ninde for Easter weekend.  Most churches walked to get there, a couple churches rented pickups and jammed into the back.  But the road to this village is not even worthy of being called a road, so their pickups dropped them off in a nearby village and they walked the rest of the way.

The poor Mumba choir had a rough time getting there. One the way they had to stop several times to fix flat tires.  When they reached the neighboring village, they started to walk.  It should have been a mere hour’s walk but being the middle of the night in a place they’d never been before, they got lost.  They left home around 6 pm and didn’t arrive in Ninde until 7 am.  Needless to say they slept through the morning service that day!  On the way back they had a local person escort them and the walk only took one hour.

When I went on Friday, I was thankful for a man from the church that came to show us the way. He went ahead of me on his bicycle, on which were tied an axe and a hoe for digging rough parts if needed. We would have lost the way without his help. Even then there were several times where I got out of my car and checked the situation before deciding the best route. It was one of the worst roads I’ve driven on here.

Another choir had a drive attempt the “road” but they pretty much walked most of it while he drove with their supplies and instruments.  About half-way there he stopped and refused to drive further, he also told them that on the way back he would pick them up in the neighboring village!  As they begin to walk with all there things, it started to rain.  Someone came to get me while I waited for lunch in Ninde to ask me to drive back and help carry things before it was all ruined in the rain.  On my way, the road was so slippery that I ended up in a ditch!  There was no way out as the road itself was slanted at something like a 45 degree angle.  The guys from the choir that I went to rescue, ended up rescuing me!   We ended up leaving early from the next service in order to pass that slippery section before it rained again!

Mr. Malebe never misses a conference if he can help it. He always gets up and dances along with choirs and is a great encouragement.

But we are praising God for a great weekend.  With at least 8 churches represented and several hundred people listening to each service, it was a great encouragement to this small church.

I didn’t attend each day as I was preparing for a conference with Students this week. But Sunday we went back again.  That was the day when the choirs all dressed up in their uniforms and sang the newest songs in the repertoire which were written just for this occasion.

It’s always fun to meet with campers, counselors, and students from the worship seminars.  Between services I had fun playing guitar with a couple of the musicians who were trying to figure out the chords for Canon in D, which automatically plays on their keyboard.  They had no clue the name or history of the song, they just liked the sound so I helped them figure out the chord progression.

So many campers came up to me asking where and when camp would be this year! They were excited to prepare for this summer.

What a great way to celebrate the Resurrection!

Watch the slideshow below to view all of the pictures from this wonderful Resurrection celebration!

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