Tanzania Updates: Let’s Celebrate!

The recent updates from Tanzania remind us that we have a lot of things to celebrate! Things from answers to prayers, encouragement from godly people, to exciting news.

First of all, Emily Renberg shared in her blog how encouraged she is by spending time with the women in Tanzania.

I have come across so many women on the mission field  who are spending themselves by serving the Lord, ministering in their communities, and caring for their families. I can only hope to someday, in whatever I’m doing and wherever I end up, be that kind of woman. The kind of woman who looks only to the Lord for her source of strength and refreshes those around her through the outpouring of His love.

If you haven’t been keeping up with Emily Renberg, check out her blog: Hadithi Yangu.

Secondly, we heard from Brook Seekins that God has answered her prayers!

Thanks so much for your prayers this past week.  I feel like I’ve traveled around the world.  We safely made it to Dar Es Salaam and back (about 720 miles one way).  The dentist did a great job and was able to put a filling in my tooth without doing a root canal.  That is a huge answer to prayer.  I’m thankful for a very capable dentist who had equipment which seemed better than many places I’ve been in the States. We made it safely home to Mumba Friday night over very slippery roads. Saturday we were back on the road again to one of the two wedding which took place that day. It was fun to see Subira and Daniel married. She has been a camper and member of our High School Bible clubs since she was old enough to take part. I have attended several weddings of her older siblings and her parents were grateful to have me with them once again for the last child in their family to get married. It was fun also to see many couples from that village whose weddings I have attended over the years. I was able to talk a bit with Sofia, who was married last fall.  She too attended almost every year of camp but now was asking about marriage camps. It’s wonderful to see the fruits of our labor.

You can learn more about Brook’s ministry and recent happenings on her blog as well.

Speaking of weddings, it looks like there’s going to be another one soon. Grace Ministries International missionary kids (and Grace Bridal College students), Erin Benton and Zechariah Kemper are engaged! Erin wrote this on her facebook wall:

WOW!!! God has blessed me SO much!!! I am now engaged to the most incredible man, my best friend, and heart’s companion. So excited for this adventure our God is leading us in. He is so good and so worthy of ALL praise no matter what!!

Erin Benton grew up in Tanzania, so I’m sure this news is exciting to all those living and serving on the mission field there. I recently interviewed Erin about some of the needs in Tanzania and you can watch the clip below:

Congratulations to Erin Benton and Zechariah Kemper from all of us at GMI!

God gives us countless reasons to celebrate, but we have to open our eyes and look around us! As we approach Easter, we celebrate Christ’s resurrection, which guaranteed our salvation! What reason can you celebrate today?

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