Brook Seekins: March 2012

Habari Yako? What’s your news?

I pray you are all doing well.  I’m writing a short note to ask for your prayers this week.

I have a chipped molar and am heading out Sunday to get it worked on in Dar Es Salaam.  It chipped over a week ago but I felt no pain until last Sunday.  I was able to fill the hole with candle wax and that made the pain subside and it has held relatively well most of this week.  But it is still hard to chew on one side and to avoid all crunchy foods!

The plan is to head to Mbeya on Sunday and then Dar on Monday. I have an appointment on Tuesday and if there needs to be some follow up I will be in Dar on Wednesday as well. Then on Thursday I’ll head back to Mbeya and attend a wedding in the area either Friday or Saturday (they haven’t finalized the day yet).  If Friday then on Saturday we will hurry back toward the Mumba area for another wedding.  Otherwise, we will have to attend one of two weddings because they are a couple hundred miles apart.

Please pray for safety.  It has been raining a lot this past month and the roads are really muddy and slippery.  We have to drive over 100 miles on muddy roads for the first and last days of the journey. After that there will be a long bus ride.

Pray also for good dental care and little pain.

Thanks so much.
God bless,
Brook Seekins

Check out for more updates.


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