Emily Renberg: Tanzania

Emily Renberg is a short-term missionary to Tanzania serving under GMI. I’ve had the joy of getting to know her during my studies at Grace Bible College. Her passion for Christ is contagious and her love for people is obvious. Emily is currently serving with Brook Seekins for seven months in her ministry at the Tanzania Grace Bible Institute. The following is taken from her blog, which I would encourage you to read.

I’m so thrilled to share a bit of the journey God has taken me on for the past few years. It’s hard to know where to begin because I truly believe God has given me very specific gifts and experiences for an opportunity such as this. My heart’s desire to live a lifestyle of justice and love has continued to transform as I look to Jesus and His example. In this particular season of my life as I continue to pursue this calling, God has presented me with an opportunity to serve in Tanzania, Africa.

In the summer of 2010 I began praying about missions. It was a God thing, because the direction I was going with my music and studies was not at all geared towards serving in a Third World country. As I continued to pray about it, the Lord placed people in my life that inspired me and challenged me to pursue a mission trip further. Grace Ministries International shared a need with me for serving in Tanzania, Africa, and once again, I began to pray. At first I thought, not me. Not there. I’ll go somewhere where I can still wear a pair of stilettos and not have them sink into a dirt road. But very quickly God began to change my heart. Not only was I beginning to be OK with the idea of Africa, but I soon grew to love the idea of it. After that, all the pieces seemed to fall into place. I will be serving in Mumba, Tanzania, until August 2012.

I will be assisting Brook Seekins in her ministry at the Tanzania Grace Bible Institute as she works with the local youth. We will be preparing for the youth camps that run in June and July, as well as getting ready to put on a worship seminar in August. I will also be studying the local worship services and church choirs to become familiar with the way another culture expresses worship, and so I may know how best to teach them in areas they need growth. I will be leading worship at a weekly missionary Bible study and giving music lessons to any missionary kids interested. I may also be teaching Bible studies for high school students and teaching English to primary schools. This is just a glimpse of all the opportunities I will have to serve because, Lord willing, as needs open up, I will be able to be the hands and feet of Christ in those areas as well.

I’m looking forward to immersing myself in another culture and broadening my worldview as I serve Christ and others. I’m confident the Lord will be able to use me and the gifts he has blessed me with in Africa (even if I won’t be wearing stilettos).  I covet your prayers as this is a huge leap of faith.

From Emily's Blog: On the way to the village

Emily’s blog contains wonderful updates about her time in Tanzania. Her most recent update?

I have settled into life here in Mumba, TZ. I have been immersed in Language School here at TGBI and desire to learn as much as possible so that I may communicate better with the Tanzanians. I have joined a youth choir at our church, and I have been working with Brook to plan the various seminars and camps coming up in the next several months. I absolutely love serving here and working with the missionaries and people of Tanzania. Thank you for your continued prayer and support!   -Emily

Please keep her in your prayers as she continues learning, living, and serving in Tanzania!


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