Exciting News From Mercy Medical Missions

Psalms 66:5 says, “Come and see what God has done, how awesome His works in man’s behalf!”

We have exciting news from our clinic in the Rukwa Valley – Mercy Medical Missions. But first, watch this presentation given by the Guilzon family in 2009 for a little background:

The clinic building is finished:

People are being treated, and God’s love is shown to the people in the Rukwa Valley:

But the most recent news of all:

The clinic registration has finally been granted!!!

We praise God that we have found favor in the eyes of the Tanzanian government. After months of working, waiting, and praying it is with sweet relief that we finally can send this exciting announcement.

What does this mean?

  • We can start hiring and training staff this month.
  • We can start moving equipment and furniture into the clinic building.
  • We need to purchase necessary supplies.
  • Projecting the “grand opening” for the 1st of the year.

Thank you for your commitment to support us. We depend on you to help us make a difference in the Rukwa Valley, one life at a time!

Click here to view more photos from Mercy Medical Missions.

The Guilzon Family, Mercy Medical Missions, Inc.

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