Reach the World for Christ From Your Computer!

The students at Grace Bible College were challenged during a recent chapel to share their testimonies with the world – literally. A new ministry through World Mission combines a powerful testimony with the entire Bible in audio format. A small solar powered audio device called a Treasure is sent to different tribes around the world. When you share your testimony in audio format, it will be translated into an indigenous language and added to a Treasure. The first thing a group will hear is a believer’s testimony, and then they will have the opportunity to hear the whole Bible in their native language. The website of this project is conveniently called

A great need was discovered while we ministered to the physical needs of thousands of people around the world.  A need based on the understanding that the MAJORITY of these people were completely illiterate.  That truth drove us to the place of providing God’s Word for these people in a format that was appropriate considering their oral culture.

As a result, we have distributed more than 80,000 audio Bibles around the world. Groups of 12 or more people gather around to listen to these audio Bibles on a regular basis.  Today we use a solar powered tool called The Treasure which is available in more than 5,000 languages. We partner with churches and mission organizations to help reach these oral learners living in every country of the world.  Many of our units go to ‘unreached people groups’ who have never heard the gospel before.

Not all of us were called to be missionaries to foreign countries, but we were all called to share the good news of Christ with others. We should be doing this wherever God has placed us, but through this unique ministry, we can reach others in different cultures without even leaving our homes. The following video shows a World Mission trip to Nepal and one of the highlights of the trip are the gifting of Treasures:

So, what are you waiting for? Learn more about this wonderful new ministry here. Send your testimony, raise support to send Treasures, and share Christ with the world!


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