Hodgsons: Office Project Complete!

The Hodgson family serves as missionaries in Tanzania under Grace Ministries International.  Both Cory and Kimberly graduated from Grace Bible College and have been working in Tanzania full time since February of 2006.  They live in Mbeya, a large city in the southern highlands of Tanzania. The Hodgsons have had a busy summer in Tanzania doing their regular ministries: Correspondence Course, Homeschooling, Teaching, and Hospitality, as well as completing an office project they started this summer.

After a busy and exciting several months, our office project has been completed!  We are so grateful for the prayers and funds given to finish this project, and we are eagerly anticipating the work we’ll be doing in the office starting…NOW!

The outside of the office
Inside the office
Another view of inside

The offices will serve as an area to continue with the correspondence courses. The purpose of the correspondence course is to introduce the Bible and plan of salvation to non-believers in Tanzania. They are also aiming to strengthen existing believers within the Body of Christ. Cory is coordinating his efforts with the Grace Church of Tanzania.

Please pray that just as God blessed their efforts during the office project, He will also bless their efforts in completing the correspondence courses. Please continue praying for all their ministries and for the Grace Churches of Tanzania.

For more updates and information, please visit the Hodgson Family Website.

To support them financially, click here.

Thank you!

In Christ,



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