Bolivia: Reed Summer Update

Dear family & friends,

It has been a very busy summer for us so far. May 26th was the last day of school for our kids and the beginning of their vacation. On June 3rd the Olsons and Gablers left for the States, and the following day we started moving back into the main mission house. We are getting settled although it is taking some time. Once we get all of our pictures up it will really feel like home. Little by little……it will all get done.

In June Tasha had the opportunity to attend a two-week discipleship camp, which she really enjoyed. A week later another group of youth arrived from the States for a work oriented two-week camp. Tasha has been working alongside them painting at orphanages, etc. She has really enjoyed being able to translate for them from time to time. She was so touched by their visit to a baby orphanage where many of the babies were HIV positive and several had cleft pallets. This has been an incredible experience for her!

Mother's Day Program

Although we would love to continue our ministry focus of helping and encouraging the people at our Km 14 La Gracia church every Sunday, we are seeing that many other requests from our other churches are coming to us. Since we are the only GMI missionary family in Bolivia at this time, we will need to be visiting and encouraging all of our churches. On May 29th we had a special Mother’ Day program at our Km 14 church as part of the morning service (see attached photo). In the afternoon Dan and I went to Jesucristo Te Ama (Jesus Christ Loves You Church) where Dan spoke for their anniversary service. As soon as he was done preaching we were off to the Don Bosco church plant which was becoming an official church that day. They had a special service that evening in which Dan shared some words of encouragement for the church and then prayed a prayer of dedication over the church board of deacons (see attached photo). Then they revealed the churches new name, Vida Abundante (Abundant Life Church). It really was a very special evening. Many people from our other churches came to show their support of this new church.

Prayer of Dedication

On June 26th Dan was able to preach again at another anniversary service of one of our churches. The church in La Peñita is about a 30 to 40 minute drive out of the city of Santa Cruz. The church has a new young pastor named Pastor Juan Martin. After this special service there was a lunch of chicken and rice served to everyone who was there. The following Sunday afternoon, after being out at Km 14 in the morning, Dan led the 2nd pastors/leaders round table meeting. There were about 30 in attendance which was more than we expected since it was extremely cold……they all kept their coats and hats on. It was held in the Emanuel church which is on the campus of our Henry Prince School. Dan shared a continuation of our doctrinal study on baptism in the first session and then they had a break with a snack and warm drink. After that they had a question and answer time for the second session. After these sessions Pastor Salustio Vidal distributed newly printed copies of Baker’s Book of Acts in Spanish to each pastor and church representative. They were so thrilled to receive these!

Mary Sue has been busy with her involvement with the Women’s Committee, which consists of representatives from our churches here in Santa Cruz. On top of their regular bi-monthly meetings, they are trying to visit the women”s groups in each of our churches. This is to encourage the women to get more involved with their own women”s group and also the different activities that the Women’s Committee organizes each year. Mary Sue spoke to the women at the first church they visited, and now the women from the committee are taking turns speaking at the different churches. Even though one woman gives the main talk, the president of the Women’s Committee always asks each of the committee members to share a few words of encouragement at each church. It has been fun to visit the women in our churches, but it has taken a real commitment of time on the part of the committee members. I know that even though we are often tired after these meeting, we are always encouraged just by being with our sister in Christ. Our next big event for the women of our churches will be our annual Women’s Retreat in October out at our Camp Buena Vista. Lots of planning; but always a great time with the women.

Well, before we know it Trevor and Tasha will be headed back to school. Classes start on Aug 9th, and Trevor will be starting his senior year and Tasha her sophomore year. Time is flying by! Thank you so much for your support of our family here in Bolivia. Because of your financial help and prayer support we can minister here in Bolivia. Thank you for this privilege! If you would like to donate online to our ministry through Grace Ministries International, please click here.

Please pray:

1. for Dan as a lot of extra responsibilities have been put on his shoulders at this time.

2. for Trevor and Tasha as they start school in a few weeks, and for our oldest son, Taylor, who is working at Yosemite National Park in California.

3. for our next pastors/leaders round table meeting, scheduled for Sept. 4th.

4. that we would have wisdom as to what need to be our ministry priorities.


1. for the good visits that the Women’s Committee has had at several of our churches.

2. that our two-year residency/visa paperwork seems to be going smoothly. (Pray that this continues!)

3. for our many faithful supporter who make it possible for us to minister here in Bolivia!

Serving through Christ,

Dan, Mary Sue, Trevor, and Tasha Reed


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