EXITE 2011: Trip Review

Here is the final video highlighting some of our favorite moments from the EXITE 2011 trip to Costa Rica:

The trip was very successful and went great with no major problems. What impressed me the most was the unity of the team. We worked together and it was apparent that we were all there to give honor and glory to God. It was awesome working alongside the Ticos! We worked hard every day, but we also had a lot of fun and laughed a lot!

Some highlights of the trip include Kids Games, hanging out with the youth group kids, the food, the overnight stays with Tico families, the wildlife, white water rafting, and swimming in the ocean.

Posing after a fun water fight!
Jayce getting tackled by kids in the football track during Kids Games.
Part of the team painting the church in Alajuela.
Julie with her host family.
Monkey at the Manuel Antonio National Park
Manuel Antonio Beach

To view all the pictures, go to our facebook page! Look forward to information regarding next year’s EXITE trip here!


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