EXITE 2011: July 6 Update

As you can tell, we have been extremely busy here in Costa Rica. I will give a quick rundown of what we have been doing each day, along with a few pictures.

One of the games we played with the Senior High youth group.

On Saturday evening, we had Junior, Senior, and College Age youth groups.  Anna taught the Junior High youth group and Jamee gave her testimony. Marcy taught the College Age group about the importance of doing devotions regularly, and Sequest gave her testimony. Most of us attended the Senior High youth group where Courtney, Quinton, Emily, Sequest, Tyler, and Luke performed the “Family” skit. Courtney also gave her testimony and Don taught. It was a great night – we played lots of games and had an awesome time of fellowship with the youth.

Rachel hanging out with new friends on Sunday morning.
There was a snake slithering up one of the walls in the church, so Don Louis caught it. Here, Joy is petting it.
Watching the snake!

On Sunday, we attended church where we are staying: Comunidad Biblica de la Gracia. The whole Exite Team sang two songs in front of church, Quinton gave his testimony, and Brent preached. Everyone else either taught or helped with all the different Sunday School classes. After church, we took a bus to downtown San Jose to go souvenir shopping, and we ate dinner at a restaurant close to the church. It was an enjoyable and somewhat restful evening before our hectic week of Kids Games and working around the church.

Courtney, Tyler, Quinton, and Heather walking.
One of the places we went souveneir shopping
Jayce and Ben downtown San Jose.
Quinton and Caleb

Monday was the start of Kids Games. We spent the morning playing with kids and taking part in an assembly-like welcome to Kids Games. It was lots of fun, though very exhausting! After lunch, we painted some of the support beams of the church and some lines on the basketball court, and also planted trees in the parking lot area. We were invited by a Tica, Melissa, and her family to come over for tortillas and coffee, so after dinner, most of the group went to her house. A few stayed at the church and went out for ice cream, but both groups had a great time.

Kids Games Day 1
Caleb preparing to paint the support beams of the church.
Part of the team planting trees outside.

Tuesday was day two of Kids Games. It went very well as we divided into our separate “Tracks” like Volleyball, Card-making, American Football, Gymnastics, Puppetry, and more. Like on Monday, we did work projects – this time half of the team went to a church plant in Alajuela to paint, and the rest stayed at the church to paint. In the evening, we went to the Befus house for a surprise going away party for Camron Befus, who just graduated High School and is attending Grace Bible College in the fall.

Please go to the GMI facebook page for more updates and pictures! Continue to keep us in your prayers! Thanks,

Rachel Kieda


4 thoughts on “EXITE 2011: July 6 Update

  1. I was glad to see the description of what Caleb was doing on the ladder – I thought it looked like and inside bungee jump. I am glad it was security for painting the beams. 🙂
    – Cathy Hansen

    1. Yes, Caleb is very brave! Yesterday he worked on painting a whole beam all by himself. During the days before, it was both Wayne and Caleb working on the beam. Everyone on this team is hardworking and we’ve been getting along great!

  2. So very proud to say I know a few of these amazing young people from Oklahoma & am so thankful to see God’s love through their eyes. Love to you all from Texas! Patty Clark

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