EXITE 2011: July 2 Update

Hola con todos! Estamos en Costa Rica viviendo la Pura Vida! Greetings! We’re in Costa Rica living the good life!

After driving to Chicago, taking a flight to Miami, a flight to San Jose, Costa Rica, and a short drive, we are finally here at the church – Comunidad Biblica de Gracia. We arrived here shortly past 11 PM (Costa Rica time).

The guys slept inside, in the church’s gym, and the girls slept out on the deck. Though we could not see much scenery last night, we woke up to a gorgeous sight – lush trees, mountains, a ravine, and pretty birds chirping in the closest trees. Most of the girls were up by 5:30 because of the light and birds, and the guys woke up during the next hour.

The view this morning from the deck of the church (aka the girls' bedroom).

Rachel and Sequest Blowing up Balloons

Though we just got here, we have been extremely busy. This morning, we had breakfast at 7:15 – scrambled eggs, rice and beans, bread, cheese, watermelon, papaya, and fresh pineapple juice. Shortly after that, we headed out in four groups to pass out flyers inviting the community to attend the Kids Games event this week. We also told them about a garage sale in the church that was going on this morning (the garage sale is a fundraiser for a mission trip to Nicaragua).

One of the groups passing out flyers.

When the teams arrived back at the church, many people were here for the garage sale, so we spent the next few hours talking to people and playing with the children.

Heather, Courtney, and Kids make Origami.
Two adorable girls that came to the garage sale.
Luke and Caleb Jump-Roping with Kids.
Emily and Anna
Sequest and an adorable girl.
Joy loves animals!
Hola de Costa Rica!

We still have a busy day ahead of us. We have Junior and Senior High Youth Group, along with Men’s and Women’s Bible Studies. Tomorrow, most of the team members are teaching different Sunday Schools, and Brent is preaching. We are going to eat “cultural foods” for lunch tomorrow (also a mission trip fundraiser), and go downtown San Jose for some shopping before we begin Kids Games on Monday. Please continue keeping us in your prayers and checking back here and the GMI Facebook Page for updates!

In Christ,

Rachel Kieda


3 thoughts on “EXITE 2011: July 2 Update

  1. Thanks for the update!! PTL for all that has happened already. You gave an awesome report. We will share this with our church family tomorrow.

  2. It sounds like you are having an exciting time! Love the pics.

    We know that you will be blessed and be a blessing. Your team is in our thoughts and prayers.

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