God Is No Fool

They say that God has infinite patience,
And that is a great comfort.

They say that God is always there,
And that is a deep satisfaction.

They say that God will always take you back,
And I get lazy in that certitude.

They say that God never gives up,
And I count on that.

They say you can go away for years and years,
And God’ll be there, waiting, when you come back.

They say you can make mistake after mistake,
And God will always forgive and forget.

They say lots of things,
These people who never read the Old Testament.

There comes a time,
A definite, for sure time,
When God turns around.

I don’t believe God shed his skin
When Christ brought in the New Testament;
Christ showed us a new side of God,
And it is truly wonderful.

But he didn’t change God.
God remains forever and ever
And that God

-Lois A. Cheney
God Is No Fool

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