I’ve Gone to Church, But Never Knew

The Rabenold family ministers in the Rukwa Valley of Tanzania. On May 12, they took part in evangelical outreaches in two villages. The first, Kikwale village, has no church in it, but as a result of “open air” preaching, a village elder named Pafinus believed in Christ! In the second village, Ngomeni, a weak church exists. It was very exciting when a woman named Yusta came forward and got on her knees in front of everyone saying,

I have gone to church my whole life but never knew Christ as my Savior and Lord!

She then prayed in front of everyone. There was also a young man named Barak who made a strong stand for Christ after hearing the whole Gospel. Then other young people asked for prayer in order that they might grow to understand Christ and receive permission from their parents to attend church. To read the whole Rabenold update and see pictures, download the PDF of their update.

Pray for the Rabenolds as they minister to those in the Rukwa Valley, and also for those who go to church yet don’t know the Lord. This can be one of the hardest places to be, but praise God when people like Yusta realize they need to know Jesus, not just go to church!

In Christ,
Rachel Kieda


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