Zambia Ministry to Deaf and Disabled

According to an article by the Global Press Institute, Zambia’s disabled population lacks care and support. “Hundreds of thousands of disabled people in Zambia lack education, care and support at the familial, local and national levels. Advocates say religious myths have long characterized disabled people as unclean and unholy, which has led to a lack of governmental support. In Zambia, there are no schools for students with special needs, and few businesses offer employment opportunities for the disabled.

  • Of the 9.3 million people included in Zambia’s Population and Housing census of 2000, 2.7 percent, or more than 250,000 residents, are disabled, according to the Central Statistics Office.
  • Among the disabled, 40 percent never attend school and another 40 percent complete just a primary education. Of those who are of working age, 45 percent are unemployed and just 33 percent are students.”

Read more from this article here.

The Hamelryck family, GMI missionaries in Zambia, has been thinking and praying about starting a ministry for the deaf and disabled. This would consist of a farm where the disabled are trained in farming and construction. During this time especially, a safe place for Zambia’s deaf and disabled is needed!  This has been a long process of planning and praying for God’s will. As of now, the Hamelrycks need to raise about $10,000 for a deaf ministry project. There is a farm selling for $4,000, and with the expenses of legal fees and some land prep, they will need about 10k to get this off the ground. Please consider supporting the Hamelrycks in this important and needed project.

The Hamelrycks thank you for your support and prayers: “We are here because of you. And your support lets us do what we do. If you are already supporting us, thank you so much! Please help us recruit businesses, churches, and more individuals for monthly support. We need more support – 50 partners at $100 per month could make it work. This is such a great way for people to be a part of this wonderful mission work here in Zambia. We are touching lives every day and we want you to be a part of it. God bless and thanks again for everything!” Donate to their ministries online here.

Here’s the Hamelrycks’ latest update in PDF Format: Hamelryck Update.

In Christ,
Rachel Kieda


One thought on “Zambia Ministry to Deaf and Disabled

  1. This is all wonderful. There actually is a family who has been doing Deaf Ministry in Zambia since I believe 1994. There has been a deaf school, Bible Baptist Deaf Church started, and around 20 other churches who have trained deaf Pastors from this Ministry.
    May God bless all missionaries and the Hamelryck family.
    If they would like to get in touch with this other family, Yohannes (John) & Kidist Getaneh,
    they can be reached at
    Their sending church & pastor: Faith Baptist Church, Past. David Cross, Jefferson City, TN

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