Powerful Testimony from Malawi

Greetings from the Lloyd Family in Lilongwe, Malawi!

This is a testimony that was given at their church in Area 36:

The two children of one family were attending Sunday school classes and learning about heaven. These children shared with their parents that they didn’t think they would be able to go to heaven because they were being used for witchcraft. It is a common practice in Malawi for children to be taken from their homes at night to be used in witchcraft ceremonies, many times without the parent’s knowledge. It was found out that these kids had actually been told by the witchdoctor to kill their parents, which they fortunately did not carry out. After turning to other witchdoctors, this ordeal eventually led the parents to seek out the leaders of the church in area 36 who were able to lead them to Christ.

“We praise God that He is using the children’s ministry Malawi to begin bringing both children and parents to Christ! It has been a long time coming to see a fruitful children’s ministry begin at Grace Church in Malawi. Culturally, working with children is seen as punishment. Typically, leaders will get sent to work with children when they have done something wrong. This is one of the mindsets we have been wroking to change among the leadership, but there is still a way to go.” – Titus and Kristy Lloyd

Besides working with children, Titus has been working with Grace Church of Malawi’s leadership, teaching computer classes at African Bible College Christian Academy, and believe it or not, fixing broken laptops! Kristy is busy caring for their 5 month old, Maggie, homeschooling their two sons, Zech and Matt, and tutoring a fourth grade student.

Please pray for the Lloyd family as they serve in Malawi, and continue learning the Chichewa language. In a land full of spiritual darkness (i.e. witchcraft), may God’s light shine brighter and may more be reached with the Gospel of Grace through our Lord Jesus Christ! Prayerfully consider supporting them financially as well.

To learn more about the Lloyd’s click here.

In Christ,
Rachel Kieda


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