Bolivia Sends First Missionary

Dan and Mary Sue Reed have reported that the Bolivian Church has sent out its first missionary!

“We were just at the airport on Jan 26th with Lilibeth Ortega and her family and a few friends. We had gathered to say goodbye as she boarded her flight, to begin her two-day journey to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. From there, she will serve with Operation Mobilization’s ( “Logos Hope” for the next two years. This ship will go from port to port all over the world, sharing the love of Christ. What an incredible opportunity for Lilibeth to serve the Lord! She is the first cross-cultural missionary that our Bolivian leadership has sent out, and she is being supported financially by our Bolivian churches. It has been so exciting to see this whole process and how our churches have backed her up wholeheartedly. They are grasping on to the fact that even though Lilibeth is the one going, their part in praying and giving is just as important. Please pray for Lilibeth as she begins this new adventure for the Lord.”

Pray for strength as Lilibeth embarks on her first two-year mission trip with Operation Mobilization. Also, please join in prayerful support with our Bolivian brothers and sisters as they continue to support her and plan for future ministry opportunities!

Grace and Peace,

John Cook


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