Hodgsons Begin Second Term in Tanzania

Meet the Hodgsons: Cory and Kim met at Grace Bible College in 1998 and married in 2001. Both being raised in missions-oriented churches, they felt called to the mission field as a couple. They took a short-term missions trip to Tanzania together in 2002 and began full-time missions there in February 2006. Their children are Naomi (b. 2004) and Elijah (b. 2007).

During their first term in Tanzania, the Hodgsons attended language school for 4 1/2 months, and continued learning the language (Swahili) and culture as they began their ministry in the city of Mbeya. Cory taught a Bible study for university students and was also active in teaching and equipping evangelists within the church. Kim homeschooled Naomi as well as two African boys. The Hodgsons will continue these ministries and more during their second term in Tanzania. (To read more about the Hodgsons, click here)

Most Recent Update: The Hodgsons began their second term in Tanzania this January. They left Grand Rapids on January 9 and after over 24 hours of traveling and waiting in terminals, they arrived in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The following excerpt is from the Hodgsons’ most recent email update:

Naomi and Elijah enjoy a snack with friends.

“After zipping through immigration, we started waiting for our luggage. We were VERY thankful to receive all 16 pieces.  A friend of ours met us at the airport, and we went to his truck yard and dropped off 10 of our pieces of luggage to be shipped to Mbeya. We had a few days at their home in Dar to recuperate from the long trip and allow our bodies to begin adjusting to the 8-hour time difference. On Friday, the 14th of January, we made the long drive from Dar es Salaam to Mbeya (about 530 miles, 11 1/2 hours). It has been very hectic these last 2 weeks as we have fixed things which fell into disrepair, done countless loads of laundry, unpacked, sorted, and cleaned, as we get used to our African home once again. We are starting to feel settled in, although there is still unpacking to be done and things to take out of storage. Cory has started entering the translated Bible lessons into the computer in preparation for the Bible Correspondence Course. Please pray for this process as it will be lengthy and can seem quite tedious. We are thankful for the prayers which delivered us to our home safely.”

Thanks for supporting the Hodgson family in prayer as they readjust to life in Tanzania and prayerfully consider supporting them financially as well. Look forward to more updates soon!

In Christ,

Rachel Kieda



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